Thursday, April 19, 2007

One of my friends who has always been so kind to me has given me " The Collected Poems of Thomas Hardy " ...

Thomas Hardy, (2 June 1840 – 11 January 1928) — is an English novelist, short story writer, and poet ...

This is one of his poems which I found veryyyyy beautiful in this book :

" I'm a lofty lovely woman,"
Says the lady in the furs,
In the glance she throws around her
On the poorer dames and sirs:
" This robe, that cost three figures,
Yes, is mine," her nod avers.

" True, my money did not buy it,

But my husband's, from the trade;
And they, they only got it
From things feeble and afraid
By murdering them in ambush
With a cunning engine's aid.

" True, my hands, too, did not shape it

To the pretty cut you see
But the hands of midnight workers
Who are strangers quite to me:
It was fitted, too, by dressers
Ranged around me toilsomely.

" But I am a lovely lady,

Though sneerers say I shine
By robbing Nature's children
Of apparel not mine,
And that I am but a broom-stick,
Like a scarecrow's wooden spine."

Here you can read a short biography of him: