Friday, March 25, 2005

Entry 47

In Norooz we ( Iranians ) spread a tablecloth and put something on it as a tradition every year ...
There are SEVEN things on our tablecloth which have " S " at the begining in their Farsi terms ...
In Farsi we call this tablecloth "Haft Sin " :

" Haft " in Farsi is " Seven " and " Sin " is a letter in Farsi alphabet which has " S " sound ...
Anyway , we put the following things on our " Haft Sin Tablecloth " :

" Serkeh " = Vinegar

" Samanoo " which is a kind of dish with juice of germinating wheat or malt mixed with flour :

" Sekeh " = Coin

" Somagh " = Sumac

" Sib " = Apple

" Senjed " : A kind of tree and its fruit which resembles the mountain-ash ( rowan tree )

" Sonbol " = Hyacinth : A kind of flower

" Siir " = Garlic

" Sabzeh " = A kind of green grass

Of course they are more than seven; it's ok, but they shouldn't be less than seven ...
We put some other things:

" A bowl of gold fish "

" The Koran "

and " The collection of the great lyrics of our gret poet : Haafez "

At the beginning of Norooz we sit in front of this table cloth and say the following prayers in Arabics :


Georg Hausherr said...

Bonjour Chackavak,That's for Entry 47 Norooz
My compliments for those beautiful pictures and comments.Spring indeed. What puzzles me, however, is what the coming of springtime really means to you, you happy people living in this warm and dry region. To make myself understood, here comes what spring means at home, in the center of France: snow recedes and the first flowers stick their head out, right through the snow (snowdrops, crocus).The birds are coming back from Africa to make their nests and we more or less stop to feed those who remained with us during the harsh winter time. And last not least, the trees prepare to get their leaves back. And I can start paragliding again, if weather permitting. Unfortunately, no feast, we are too prosaic for this, I fear.So, please, make a little effort and explain what spring means at your doorstep.
Kind regards,

Chackavak said...

Bonjour Georg
Thanks a lotttttt for your comment and for reading my weblog ...Spring here means whatever you mentioned as changing in nature( coming of birds, changing in weather , trees blossoming ... ) as well as a traditional ceremony which begins exactly at the time of the new year amd is called Norooz ,and which consists of " HAFT SIN " _ as I explained in this entry ...In Norooz we also visit our relatives and friends, and entertain them with the best of confectionery , fruit and drinks ...Good Luck

Sepideh said...

WOWWWWWWWWWWW Great!!my dear friend I sent this pages to all my friends! It is so useful & wonderfull
see u soon

Chackavak said...

Thanks a lotttttttt honey for your kindness