Monday, October 08, 2007

At present I'm reading "Gulliver's Travels" ... As everyone may know, being shipwrecked, Gulliver is thrown to a country called "Lilliput" the inhabitants of which are as small as his fingers ... The way the text is written, the English used, the spellings of words & the grammar is sometimes completely different from what we see today (first published in 1726)

Moreover; what happens to him & the way the small creatures in "Lilliput" behave towards him is interesting and sometimes soooooo funny that makes me laugh out loud ... After finding this monster (the small creatures call him " Man Mountain" ) & taking him to the emperor of "Lilliput" :" ... the emperor held frequent councils to debate what course should be taken with me ... and I was afterwards assured ... that the court was under many difficulties concerning me ... my diet would be very expensive and might cause a famine ... sometimes they determined to starve me or ... to shoot me in the face and hands with poisoned arrows ... but again they considered that the stench of so large a carcase might produce a plague in the metropolis ... and spread through the whole kingdom ... " ... " ... an imperial commission was issued out, obliging all the villages nine hundred yards round the city, to deliver in every morning six beeves, forty sheep, and other victuals for my sustenance ... " ... " ... it was ordered that three hundred taylors should make me a suit of cloaths ... six of his Majesty's greatest scholars should be employed to instruct me in their language ... "

While I was reading, enjoying and laughing, I was thinking about how Gulliver sees these creatures and how these creatures see him, for them everything is big, strong, strange, serious, frightening and important ... things that are so trivial, simple & funny ... I was thinking of the life of human, I imagined we were those creature :for us, our life & what we see,do and face may seem serious, important, sometimes strange, sometimes funny, sometimes so valuable and sometimes even full of meaning ... but if a "Gulliver" exists, how will he see our life ? Does a "Gulliver" really exist ? Of course I should wait to see what will happen at the end

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