Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Every year at this time, being affected by the pleasent scent of spring flowers & the beauty of nature, I'm prepared & looking forward to welcoming "Norooz" & its most beautiful custom: setting "haft sin" ...

These things never become old or repeated for me ...

In the garden of our house there are two long bushes of some kind of very beautifulllllll yellow flowers which start blooming exactly when they feel that spring is coming ...

These are some pictures of them:


Georg said...

Bonjour Chacky,

These beautiful yellow flowers are called Forsythia. We have them here, too and they are blooming now, as well.

However, they have a hard time because winter has come back. This morning, at 8.OO, we measured -2°C and two days ago they were even covered partly with snow.


chackavak said...

Thanks a lottttt
I didn't know the name of these flowers ...
Ohhhh how cold it's become thereeeeeee !!!
Thanks anyway ...

sephora said...

hi chackavak
wow ! what a beautiful flowers
i love theme.
Happy new year to you :)

Chackavak said...

Hi Sephora
Thanks a lotttttt
Happy new year to you, too
Thanks for your kindness
I'd like to know you more ...

Sephora said...

hi dear chackavak.
me too.i'd like to know you.
what do you want to know about me?
im always here to listening to you dear chackavak.

Chackavak said...

Dear Sephora
Thanks a lot for reading my weblog
I'd like to know where you live and how you've known my weblog

sogand said...

وای چه گل های قشنگی!!!!

Vahid said...

very nice
i hope have pretty year
good wishes

chackavak said...

Thanks a lot Vahid