Thursday, October 08, 2009

Congratulations to him on winning the Noble Peace Prize!
He reallyyyyyy deserved it!
Looking forward to seeing peace & comfort in every country, every house & every soul !!!


Georg said...

Bonjour Chacky,

It is certainly not Obama's responsibility to have obtained the Nobel Peace Price. The Academy gave it to him and he was surprised, too.

This being said, this Peace Award is frequently being downsized by giving it to people who don't merit it like Y. Arafat and Begin for example, people who have killed in cold blood, both kind of recycled serial killers.

In Barak Obama's case he got it too early, I think. I am a great fan of his, I like his cool way of talking. But the price should not be given for speeches but for deeds. And those deeds have not been done because he is on office for nine months only.

Last time, I think, it was Ms Ebadi who got the Peace Price and she merited it amply for what she did and continues to do, with a personal risk involved.


Chackavak said...

Dear Georg
Thanks for your comment ...
I agree with most of the things you said ...
I also love Obama a lot ... he's great and I think he deserved winning this prize, of course there are lots of other people who deserved it and maybe more than him now, but I think in his position now as the US president and esp after Georg Bush and what he did to the world, esp Iraq and Afghanistan, talking about peace and expressing that the ex-president has done wrong in many ways is something that makes him deserved of getting this prize: for example the first thing he did was closing Guantanamo Prison, although it didn't end completely, but this was a beginning and is very valuable ...