Friday, February 10, 2006

Entry 63

" Britian's first commercial surrogate baby was born to Mrs Kim Cotton in 1985 and sold to a childless American couple. Mrs Cotton was offered 6500 pounds through an agency for a baby and 15000 pounds by a newspaper for the story. Many people think commercial surrogacy is wrong but Kim Cotton wanted money and having a baby for someone else was one way of getting it.However a committee was quickly set up to look into the rights & wrongs of commercial surrogacy & it is now illegal. There was a lot of publicity at the birth of the baby. As soon as she was born, the daughter and her mother were photographed by the press and then separated for ever. The baby was flown out of the country without the natural mother having the satisfaction of handing her over to the parents. Perhaps Kim Cotton will have regrets about doing what she did, but at the moment she feels she has done the right thing. But what about " Baby " Cotton. How will she feel when she is old enough to understand? Will she feel her mother loved money more than her daughter ? "

From : Reading
By : Rosemary Scott
Oxford University Press

Reading this text made me so shocked & surprised ...
How is it possible for a "woman" & it's better to say a "mother" to sell her baby ?There are lots of women who leave their babies on the streets because of poverty, but they're different from those who give birth to their babies just to sell them to another family ...
I don't know ... when it comes to poverty, everything may happen ...

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Omid / Dr O2 said...

It might sound so cruel but I am sure many of us here would go through the very same painful experience in the same circumstances.
Who is to say the mother ain't suffering? Who is to deny her love towards her lost baby?? & why is it that blaming others seems the easiest get away clause??
We are all living to live above all other possible goals we set. In order to achieve the goal we have to sacrifice, we have to decide whether to do the nasty but in the end we have to SURVIVE no matter what...
Then agn I am sure the baby will be more happy with the new wealthy, baby-loving & caring family.
Conclusion: I strongly believe families who are not capable of raising their children must give them up to the families who can't have children but are qualified to do so. For the sake of the babies & the world we are living in.
Peace ;-)